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Get access to all my past projects, plus first access toall my future projects

Jason Zook

Hey, I'm Jason Zook.I Make Things That Help People...

SELL in unusual, non-sleazy, mega-payday ways.

Making the big bucks does NOT equal pushy grossness. I'll show you my secrets to making your products sell like hotcakes, without sacrificing a speck of your fantasticness.

CREATE more awesome stuff.

Crazy cool, out-of-the-box ideas deserve to be born. By sharing my writing and my own creative processes, I help you take action to make your most badass dreams happen.

TEACH with uber-intuitive tools & platforms.

Content marketing, podcasts or digital tools and platforms your jam? I'm constantly designing new ways to help you reach & teach more people, so you can cash in on your expertise.

Welcome to my latest crazy idea.

I want to give you TOTAL ACCESS to everything I've ever made or WILL MAKE, so you can sell more, create more, and teach more.

You'll get hooked up with:

  • Access to all of my existing AND upcoming projects and tools.
  • First dibs on everything else I make. For free. Forever.
  • Entry to a BuyMyFuture community, with quarterly calls & annual reports.
  • A say in what I make next, so you get what you need, when you need it.
  • A complimentary jetpack. (Just kidding. Or am I?)

You in? Let's take action.

Why spend $1,000 on my future?
What’s in it for you?

  • 14 products guaranteed.
  • $4,500 in value.
  • First dibs forever.
  • Private community access.

(Plus X-ray goggles on all my future projects.)

How do you know I’ll keep creating cool stuff? Well, look below, the proof’s in the pudding. (Mmmm...pudding.)



Before I was Jason Zook, I was Jason Sadler, the kid who wanted to be a Zoologist Comic Book Artist (seriously). Years later, I was Jason HeadsetsDotCom and, later still, Jason SurfrApp. Keep reading, it’ll all make sense, I promise.

May 1982

I'm Born

Came to life • Value = $80085

My mom gets full credit for this. I grew up a bit all over the place, but was obsessed with animals and comic books. Started designing websites at 15. My first job was selling pagers to the pre-iPhone masses.

“He’s a nice boy.”

Jason's Mom
1982 - 2008

Grew Up And Stuff

Drawing + Sports = Childhood

I was a creative kid, but never the prototypical entrepreneur. I tried mowing lawns once for money, it was awful. After college I cut my entrepreneurial chops by co-founding a successful web design company from the comfort of my couch.

“I tried to reach out to one of my childhood neighbors for comment about the meticulous lawn mowing, but they couldn’t be reached. I did a fantastic job, though, you can take my word for it.”

2009 - 2013

IWearYourShirt / BuyMyLastName

T-shirts & Names • Value = $1.2 Million

Started IWearYourShirt, a big idea that generated over $1,000,000. A few years later I sold my last name. Twice. For over $100k. During this time I worked with over 2,000 clients, including Fortune 500’s, startups, sports organizations, and more.

“Jason is the perfect amount of crazy and hard-working to make his ideas happen. Not only that, but he cares about the people involved with his projects and that matters to me.”

Gary Vaynerchuk

The Past Two Years

It’s been a wild ride — and a borderline obsessively productive 730+ days. Here’s exactly what went down.

Tim McAlpine
April 2014

How to Get Sponsorships For Anything

Online Course • Value = $497

After years of making moolah off of sponsorships, I wanted to teach the world to do the same. Wanna make cash off your blog/event/course/anything? This in-depth course shows you exactly how. Includes 12+ hours of video lessons that don’t suck!)

“I run an annual conference and employed the lessons I learned from taking Jason’s sponsorship course, doubling the sponsorship revenue from $15,000 to $30,000. Sponsorships for the 2015 event are looking even better!”

Tim McAlpine

How to Get Sponsorships for Anything

Ryan Hawk
June 2014

Creativity for Sale

Book • Value = $15

Fun fact: I self-published this book by crowdsourcing over $75k worth of sponsorships. 10,000 copies have been moved since; no publisher, no agent, nada. This book documents my entrepreneurial journey, plus I show you how to put the lessons I’ve learned to work.

“Jason’s book provided me with more than a few ‘ah ha’ moments. He opened my eyes to seeing profit potential in places that I had never thought of before. I view my business in a new light thanks to this book.”

Ryan Hawk

Creativity For Sale

Clay Hebert
August 2014


Web Application • Value = $588

Online courses are my favorite way to spread ideas & generate revenue. So I helped create a simple, easy-to-customize course framework. Just drop your content in, upload your logo, pick your colors, and you’re ready to start selling!

“Most course platforms are clunky and ugly. Teachery is beautiful, intuitive and fast. I’ve sold over $10K of courses through Teachery. I love it and so do my students.”

Clay Hebert


September 2014

Finish Your Damn Book

Online Course • Value = $197

Made in collaboration with the king of real-talk creative business: Paul Jarvis. Why? Because writing books is difficult, damnit. But after years of abandoning projects at the 50 yard line, we cracked the code. And we want to teach you what we learned.

“I have hugely benefited from this course. It has served as a great platform to learn more about self-publishing, and to share in the communal experience of writing (which can often feel isolating).”

Laura Thomas

Finish  Your Damn Book

March 2015

One Week to Profit

Email Course Course • Value = $99

Dipped my toe into the world of email courses with this one. This 7-day email course helps you take a good, hard look at your business foundation, your goals, expenses, and blind spots where you could be leaving money on the table, plus case studies galore!

“Jason was instrumental in helping me steer my business in the right direction. Through balancing my budget, pricing my products right and shedding unnecessary expenses, I have increased my profit 30%.”

Blake Barash

One Week to Profit

May 2015


Web Application • Value = Varies by transaction

Bumpsale is an incremental pricing platform AKA an all-new way to sell the hell out of your stuff. You start the price at whatever crazy low point you want, and it bumps up slightly with every purchase. A great way to spice up sales or validate your product’s price.

“Bumpsale is a genuine game changer, hands down best engagement we’ve seen on an offer. We did a month’s worth of revenue in 20 hours using Bumpsale! It works for activating an audience and inciting action.”

Liam Veitch

Bumpsale logo

Omar Zenhom
June 2015

How to Get Sponsorships for Podcasts

Online Courses • Value = $99

A year and a half after launching “How to Get Sponsorships for Anything,” I got a ton of requests for a more podcast-focused guide. So of course I made it! It features interviews with top podcasters and teaches you how to make real money in this booming industry.

“Jason takes a deep dive into podcast sponsorships with this very thorough and conclusive course. As an educator for over 15 years, I can confidently say Jason is one of the best teachers I’ve come across. He has a knack for demystifying complex concepts in a rather enjoyable fashion.”

Omar Zenhom

How to Get Sponsorships for Podcasts logo

Video icon Crawford Ifland
July 2015

Product to Profit Masterclass

Live Online Workshop • Value = $499

Paul Jarvis + Me + Nathan Barry = a business bromance created to make YOU money. This workshop features the three of us teaching you how to develop your product ideas, build the right audience, craft an un-skeezy sales plan, and execute a profitable launch.

“Jason’s experience and knowledge of the digital products space is unmatched. I took his Product to Profit Masterclass and learned more than I thought was possible in a few short hours.”

Crawford Ifland

Product to Profit logo

The Next Two Years

What’s coming up next? Only time (and my project calendar… well, AND you guys in the BuyMyFuture community) will tell. But here’s what’s in the pipeline.

Video icon

Level Up Your Business

Online Course • Value = $750

The plan is to spend 6 months interviewing and researching extraordinary people with massively profitable businesses. Think tech startups, digital creatives, and brand personalities who are taking the world by storm. What processes are helping these people grow? Where do they get their ideas? I’ll find it all out for you, in one kickass course.

Level Up Your Business

Tentative Release Date: March 2016

Community Choice Course

Online Course • Value = $750

I want to do a course that’s specifically voted on by the BuyMyFuture peeps, based on your current challenges, dreams, and biggest struggles. Yep, that means you’re choosing the adventure; I’m just along for the ride… while also building and driving the car. All you have to do is tell me where you wanna go next.

Community Choice Course

Tentative Release Date: May 2016

Business Book #1

Book • Value = $15

I know I have in me the makings of a book on reinvention – in business and life. As someone who’s reinvented himself quite a few times (through legal name-related means and otherwise), I’ve learned a ton along the way about what identity really means. I think everyone could use a little reinvention, so I want to write a book that inspires that kind of change.

Business Book #1

Tentative Release Date: June 2016

Web App #1

Web Application • Value = TBD

I have an idea for a web app that’s designed to make the experience of your website tailored to your email subscribers. It’s being tested on JasonDoesStuff.com right this minute. The idea behind this web app is to allow you to effectively use your website real estate to deliver exclusive offers to your existing subscribers instead of showing them another sign up form.

Web App #1

Tentative Release Date: August 2016

Web App #2

Web Application • Value = $15

Yep, that’s right — you get a big fat say in the next web app I create, too. Once again, I’ll poll the BuyMyFuture community to find out exactly what you all need, based on where you are in your businesses. From educational platforms to fresh selling software and beyond – we’ll create something awesome together.

Web App #2

Tentative Release Date: January 2017

Business Book #2

Book • Value = TBD

I know I love to write. I’ve written almost 1,000,000 words total in the past two years and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Will I write a science fiction book about alien fire-breathing hummingbirds trying to take over the world with impeccable math skills? Maybe. Or maybe the BuyMyFuture community will talk me out of it and offer a better book idea.

Business Book #2

Tentative Release Date: September 2017

The Future Beyond

After that — who knows what I’ll make? A documentary about crafting the perfect cup of coffee? A saddle that revolutionizes the ostrich-riding industry? A time machine? Whatever it is — as long as I’m around for it, you will be too when you BuyMyFuture.

Stay Alive, Keep Creating

Survival • Value = $Infinite

I’ll start eating kale salads and almond milk. (No, not together. Gross.) I might even start doing morning yoga. If so, I promise to send hilarious videos of my initial attempts.

Yep, I plan to be alive for a long while.

Superhuman Lifespan • Value = $Unknown

Living to 150 is at the top of my bucket list, right under “earn lifetime supply of skittles.” Stay tuned for that one. But seriously, I’ve got a lot of life to live and a heck of a lot more to create. You can count on that.

Remember, not only do you get future projects free, you get them first.


YOU are an awesome person who wants to change the world with the work you love to do, in a way that feels authentic and fun.

But you can’t snap your fingers and just say “INNOVATION POWERS ACTIVATE!”” (Note to self: great future project.) It takes time, resources, and help from people who get it. People you’ll have access to in the BuyMyFuture community.

My goal is to assemble a group of action-takers interested in living, working, and making money on their own terms, and in their own unique ways.

On top of these fine friends, you’ll have every tool, app, book, resource, and program I’ve got to help you get where you want to go. I don’t want to keep my secrets of success hidden — I want to share them with people who need them, want them, and can expand on them. Cool people. People like you.

You’re not only investing in my future; you’re investing in your own success.


What exactly is included?

  • 14 products guaranteed.
  • $4,500 in value.
  • First dibs on new projects. Forever.
  • A seat in the BMF community.

Plus Q&A’s, webinars, quarterly reports, and more.

These 8 past projects

These 6 future projects

  • Level Up Your Business

  • Community Choice

  • Business Book

  • Web App

  • Web App

  • Business Book

All other future projects

Plus, private access to me


This is where you'll get a chance to get to know your fellow Future-Buyers, ask me questions, and share feedback on your ideas with the BMF crew.

Quarterly Calls & Un-Boring Annual Reports

Wanna know what I'm working on? Curious about how my strategies panned out, or whether I hit my goals? I'll share it all with BMF-ers, every quarter.

Here's How You Buy My Future

The Buy-It-Now Option

1 payment of $1,000

Make the one-time investment in my future and you’ll never have to worry about paying me ever again for any product I ever create. One and done. Let’s make it happen!

The Startup Option

4 payments of $250

Listen, I realize some people have different budgets than others. That’s why I’m offering a payment plan, which delivers the exact same value as the single payment option.


You’ll notice the payment options are the same total price. Lots of folks would try to incentivize you to save money by purchasing one option over the other. I understand that some people want flexible pricing and others want to pay in full. I’m not going to penalize you for making one choice or another.

Important note: If you sign up for the payment plan option and cancel your payment plan early, you will lose access to my future forever (and won’t be able to buy access again.) Take a moment to read the Frequently Asked Questions page if you have questions about the price, refunds, etc.

14 projects in four years?

Imagine what I'll create throughout the rest of my life.

Jason Zook

More on my story

My name is Jason Zook (formerly Jason SurfrApp, Jason HeadsetsDotCom & Jason Sadler). I’m an unconventional marketer and entrepreneur who has sold his name to the highest bidder (twice), used to run a sponsored t-shirt wearing company, and self-published his first book by raising $75,000 in sponsorships before writing a single word.

One of the things that I take the most pride in is that the products I create make a real impact for people. I’ve helped people double their business revenue. I’ve helped people craft pitches that landed them NYTimes articles. I’ve also helped people create businesses from scratch that have gone on to make them $100,000+.

I also write, speak to audiences, and sometimes show up in publications and TV shows you may have heard of like the Today Show, CBS Evening News, USA Today, Inc. Magazine and Wall Street Journal, to name a few.

When I’m not selling my future (or dreaming up more weird business ideas), you can find me in San Diego, CA with my girlfriend, Caroline, and my Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Plaxico.

I’ve lived an unusual life. And I like to help others do the same. Whether that means ditching their corporate 9-5, taking their business to new heights, or just having more fun with their work.

So let's do this — today, tomorrow, and into infinity. Together.